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1. You are going to hear a man called Tom having four conversations.

2. Listen again and write the verbs.

Conversation 1

  • Tom’s plane ________________ at 11.05.

  • It ________________ at Amsterdam airport at 13.40.

  • The conference ________________ on Wednesday at 9.30

Conversation 2

  • I ________________ badminton in a few minutes with Paul.

  • I ________________ to a conference in Amsterdam tomorrow morning.

  • I ________________ my eyes tested on Saturday afternoon.

Conversation 3

  • I ________________ probably back in time.

  • I ________________ think I a meal in town.

  • I ________________ breakfast in my room.

Conversation 4

  • In a hundred years’ time, the world ________________ a very different place.

  • There ________________ much oil available for energy.

  • People ________________ much longer.

3. Choose the most suitable form of the verbs.

To: Mark

Subject: Trip

Hi Mark,

Why don’t you come with us to Yorkshire? It’s all arranged. Jo (1) comes / is coming to my house at six so we can go to the station together. The train (2) doesn’t leave / isn’t leaving until 6.45 but we don’t want to be late. It (3) stops / is stopping a lot on the way, so it (4) doesn’t arrive / isn’t arriving until three in the afternoon. We (5) stay / are staying in a youth hostel, and we (6) spend / are spending five days there. We can catch a bus some of the way from the station but it (7) doesn’t go / isn’t going all the way, so we have to walk the last two miles from the village. We (8) have / are having breakfast and our evening meal at the youth hostel. It’s in a beautiful spot with lots to see. On the way back we need to set off early as there’s only one bus and it (9) leaves / is leaving at 8.30. The train back is faster, so it (10) arrives / is arriving just after lunch. Let us know if you can come.



Conversation 1

Tom: Hello?

Claire: Hello, Tom. It’s Claire.

Tom: Hi, Claire. How are you?

Claire: Fine. Are you reporting on the conference in Amsterdam? I thought maybe we could travel together.

Tom: That would be good but I’ve already booked my flight. People are travelling from all over the world so I decided to book early.

Claire: Well, maybe I can get on the same one.

Tom: I’m flying with British Airways and my plane leaves Edinburgh on Tuesday at 11.05. It arrives at Amsterdam airport at 13.40.

Claire: It’s quick, isn’t it? When does the conference actually begin?

Tom: It starts on Wednesday at 9.30 so you need to get there on Tuesday. The main speaker is arriving at the conference on Tuesday afternoon and I’m interviewing him at 6.30.

Claire: OK, I’ll let you know what I can arrange. See you.

Tom: Bye.

Conversation 2

Steve: Tom, hello.

Tom: Hi, Steve. How are you? Oh … you’re in a hurry. Where are you going?

Steve: I’m playing badminton in a few minutes with Paul. But what about me and you? We haven’t played for ages. What are you doing tomorrow evening? I usually play at about seven.

Tom: Oh, sorry. I’ll be working then. I’m flying to a conference in Amsterdam tomorrow morning. But what about the weekend? I’m not working then. I’m having my eyes tested on Saturday afternoon but I’m free the rest of the weekend.

Steve: OK. Let’s make it Sunday morning? About ten at the sports centre?

Tom: Fine. See you there.

Steve: Bye, then.

Tom: Bye.

Conversation 3

Woman: Good afternoon, sir. What name is it please?

Tom: Tom Hughes.

Woman: Ah yes. Room 341. Are you having dinner here tonight?

Tom: I haven’t decided yet. I’m interviewing someone at 6.30 so I probably won’t be back in time. I think I’ll get a meal in town.

Woman: And breakfast? Would you like to have it in the dining room or in your room?

Tom: Err … oh, in the dining room, I think … no, actually, I’ll have breakfast in my room, please.

Woman: Here’s the key then, sir. Take the lift to the third floor and turn left.

Tom: Thank you.

Woman: Oh, just a minute. There’s a message for you, sir. It’s from your newspaper office in Edinburgh.

Tom: Oh, thanks for telling me. I’ll ring the office now.

Conversation 4

Tom: So, you got here in the end, Claire.

Claire: Yes, but your flight was full and I couldn’t get on a plane till Wednesday so I missed the first day of the conference.

Waiter: Eherm, what would you like to drink, sir?

Tom: I’ll have some fizzy water, please. Claire?

Claire: I’ll have the same, please. Anyway, what did I miss, Tom?

Tom: Well, the first day was spent going over the same old stuff– you know:in a hundred years’ time the world will be a very different place. There’ll be millions more people but there won’t be much oil available for energy. And people will live much longer. You know, that kind of thing. It’s tomorrow that they’ll start trying to come to some agreement about what they should do about it all. Anyway, I interviewed the main speaker and I’ve written my article about him. It’ll be in the newspaper tomorrow.

Claire: I’ll read all about it there then. I mustn’t spend too long having dinner, though – I want to do some preparation for tomorrow.

Tom: Oh, right. OK then.


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