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Tenses – present

Part 1

You are going to hear Millie talking on her phone to her friend Lisa. It’s Saturday morning. Before you listen, answer these questions.

Listen again and answer these questions. Write complete sentences.

1. What’s Millie doing this morning?

2. What does she do nearly every Saturday?

3. What’s she looking for?

4. What’s Lisa wearing?

5. What’s she doing this morning?

6. What does she do whenever she goes to town?

7. What’s Millie looking at right now?

8. What does Lisa want Millie to do now?

Look at your answers to Exercise 3 and answer these questions.

1. Look at answers 2 and 6. What tense are they?

2. Look at answers 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7. What tense are they?

3. Which sentences are about regular actions?

4. Which sentences are about actions at or around the time of speaking?

5. Look at answer 8. Does it fit the pattern?

Part 2

This is the opening part of a book. One unnecessary word has been crossed out already as

an example. Find 21 more and cross them out.

Today is the 1 June 1964. The sun shines is shining and the birds sing are singing. What is does everyone doing do? Well, Mrs Green is reads reading a newspaper. She is reads reading a newspaper every day before breakfast. Her husband, Mr Green, is danceing dancing in the garden. He likes is liking dancing in the morning. Have you another cup of coffee, darling’, says Mr Green. But I’m still drink drinking my first cup, dear’, replies Mrs Green, ‘and anyway, where’s our daughter today? She is usually bringing brings me my coffee.’ Mary,’ says Mr Green (but he doesn’t stop dance dancing), ‘she’s she works working in London this week. Don’t you remember?’ Stopping Stop dancing and listening listen to me. I never forget forgetting anything. I was just giving you a little test. Anyway, it’s time for work.’ ‘Alright, darling, but don’t forget not your briefcase.’ Thank you, dear. Don’t dancing dance too hard!’

Part 3

Complete the email using the present simple or present continuous form of these verbs.

behave / come / cost / eat / enjoy / feel / go / have / like / love / pay / realise / say / seem / serve / show / smile / stay / take / visit

Dear Stephanie, How are you? We’re fine. Our trip round the States (1) __________ is going well and we (2) __________ ourselves a lot. One good surprise is that things (3)__________ less here than back home. For example, this weekend we (4) __________ in a motel beside a lake and we (5) __________ only $65 per night for a room with a beautiful view. The only thing we (6) __________ (not) much is the food. Restaurants (7) __________ dinner rather early. We (8)__________ (never) at six o’clock at home so we (9) __________ (not) hungry then and American portions (10)__________ very big to us. Apart from that, we (11) __________ a wonderful time. We (12) __________ lots of interesting little towns and we absolutely (13) __________ the scenery. People here (14)__________ in a very friendly manner towards strangers. All the shop assistants (15) __________ at us, and everyone (16)__________ ‘Have a nice day!’ At home, the TV (17) __________ (always) us bad news stories about the States, but in fact, when you (18) __________ here, you (19) __________ it’s a really great place. We (20) __________ lots of photos to show you.

Much love, Mick and Mary

Recording script

Lisa: Hello?

Millie: Hi, Lisa – I’m in the shopping centre.

Lisa: Hi, Millie. What are you doing?

Millie: I’m looking round the shops. It’s Saturday.

Lisa: Yeah, of course. Honestly, you buy new clothes every Saturday!

Millie: Well, nearly every Saturday.

Lisa: You’re always buying new clothes! So, what are you looking for today?

Millie: One of those new skirts. You know, like everyone’s wearing this autumn.

Lisa: Well, I’m not wearing one, I’m wearing a pair of old jeans. Is there anything special you want to talk about? Because actually, I’m cleaning my room.

Millie: Yes, there is, only you’re being so impatient, you don’t deserve to hear it. Lisa: OK, sorry. I’m listening.

Millie: Well, you know that leather bag you want, like the navy blue one you lost?

Lisa: None of the shops have one. Whenever I go into town I always look, but I never find a blue one.

Millie: Well, I’m in front of a shop window and I’m looking at a navy blue bag right now. Do you want it? I can buy it for you.

Lisa: Oh, yes! Those bags sell really fast because everyone thinks they’re really cool as well as useful.

Millie: Yeah, and navy blue bags are getting really fashionable.

Lisa: I know. It’ll be gone if I wait till Monday. I’ll pay you when I see you.

Millie: OK.

Lisa: Oh, thank you, Millie. Sorry I was cross.

Millie: That’s OK


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