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  • How long does the lesson last?
    The lessons have different durations (30 minutes, 45 minutes or one hour). It is also possible to customise the lesson time. Please, contact the teacher directly.
  • Will I use any books or materials in the lesson?
    Yes, all lessons have some material that the teacher can share with you in advance or during lesson time.
  • Can I change the lesson?
    You can change the time and day of the lesson, six hours in advance.
  • Can I cancel the lesson?
    To cancel a lesson, it is necessary to cancel six hours in advance. If there is no attendance, the class will be taken as given and the price will be discounted. It is understood that emergency situations may occur, so it is recommended to contact the teacher directly.
  • Do I get a refund in case of cancellation?
    Refunds are only given when the lesson is cancelled before 6 hours.
  • Can I bring someone else to the lesson?
    If you would like to bring someone to attend just one lesson, this is possible, as long as it has been previously arranged with the teacher. Special prices will be set for couples or groups.
  • Are the lessons recorded?
    The lessons are recorded and you have access to the recordings. Note: lessons are only recorded when using the Elos platform.
  • How many lessons can I do per week?
    You can book as many lessons as you like. We recommend once or twice a week.
  • Which payment methods can I use to pay?
    We provide different payment methods according to different billing countries & regions. Popular payment methods such as Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay are available. 
  • Can I take a lesson now or do I need to book in advance?
    You need to book at least six hours in advance.
  • What device/software do I need to take lessons?
    We suggest computers and laptops. But it is also possible by mobile phone and/or tablet.
  • What are trial lessons?
    To help the students quickly understand how the lessons work, we have designed trial lesson to get you on board.  
  • Confirm a Lesson and Leave Lesson Feedback
    Congrats on finishing your lesson (maybe your first one)! You are now officially on an amazing language learning journey. A good lesson comment includes enough detail to give other students an idea of what a lesson was like. Providing your overall lesson experience will be very helpful for other users!  Try to be specific - you can offer your view on what the teacher did well, and how he can improve. Constructive feedback will motivate the teacher to keep doing better. 
  • Are the lessons in groups or one-to-one?
    The lessons are one-to-one. There is also the possibility to have lessons for couples or families.
  • I don't speak English. Can lessons be in my native language?
    The lessons will be in Portuguese. If necessary, English, Spanish or Italian will be used for explanations, or in any specific context.
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